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Hefei General Machinery Research Institute is a multidiscipline and comprehensive national class A scientific research institute under direct jurisdiction of China National Machinery Industry Corporation. The whole institute occupies an area of 300,000m2 with fixed assets of about 70 million RMB yuan,  under it there are set up engineering departments, research branches and joint venture (solely-funded) companies. We are mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacture and inspection of general machinery, chemical equipment and special electrical and mecha...


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  SINOMACH leaders Liu Bing and Wei Feng visit our instit... 2009-10-29
  Vice General Manager of SINOMACH Wang Songlin visits GMRI 2009-10-29
  Prof. R.A. Ainsworth, the Royal Academy of Sciences Fellow,&... 2009-10-26
  Vice General Manager of SINOMACH Chen Zhi and the assis... 2009-10-23
  Carrier Corporation Delegation visit GMRI 2009-10-19

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